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What are common menstrual problems?

Don't let your period hold you back

Menstrual irregularities and abnormalities affect a significant number of women, be they heavy bleeding, painful cramps or unpredictable periods. Whatever the symptom or concern, it's nearly always disruptive to daily life and understandably a cause for emotional distress.



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What are the potential symptoms?

  • Abnormal bleeding: This can manifest as heavy bleeding, periods lasting longer than seven days, spotting between periods, irregular cycles, bleeding after sex or even the complete absence of periods.
  • Painful periods: While cramps are common, severe pain that interferes with day-to-day life should always be looked into.
  • Premenstrual Syndrome: Physical and emotional symptoms like bloating, headaches and mood swings may occur before your period, and can be a sign of an underlying issue.


How can We diagnose your menstrual problems?

  • Examining your medical history: You and one of our private gynaecologists in Oxford will discuss your symptoms, menstrual cycle history and overall health to understand your unique situation.
  • A physical exam: A pelvic exam will allow us to detect any abnormalities in your reproductive organs.
  • Diagnostic tests: With the information from the first two stages in hand, we may conduct additional tests like bloodwork, ultrasound scans, endometrial biopsies or hysteroscopy to hone in on the suspected cause.

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By working together, we can identify the cause of your menstrual problems and develop a personalised treatment plan to regulate or improve your menstrual cycle and overall wellbeing.